1986 toyota supra

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Ive had this car for about 5 months now and was wondering if anyone could help me figure out what some of these problems mean. Now first of it is an auto(which sucks I know) and when it shifts it shifts pretty hard, what does this mean? Also when I get on it it sort of hesitates for a second and then springs to life, is this normal?

If someone could please help me diagnose these problems that would be great. What I want to get from your info is wether or not these are big problems that need to be taken care of pretty soon or not.

Just to let everyone know im not keeping the non-turbo engine/transmission in this car for very long because this thing is slow and I cant stand that. It will be getting a complete makeover in order for this thing to reach its full potential.

Thanks in advance for all help.
You have, without a doubt, the worst Supra ever made. And for a "complete workover" you're truly wasting your time. You must believe me on this, I'm a Supra guy.

I also assume you're talking about a 1986.5 Supra, the big tubby thing. 86.5 + Auto + problems = the biggest headache you'll ever drive.

-> Steve
Could you please elaborate as to why they are such problems? If the engine is the main problem then that can def. be solved with an engine swap. Or are you saying that putting money into this car is just like throwing money in a garbage can?
Garbage can.

the NA to Turbo swap is only slightly less of a headache than the Corolla SR5 to GTS swap. It can be done, but it's really more work than is necessary.

Just put a small block ford in it. My friend Garrett is just finishing up a Supercharged 306 in his '87 NA. I'll take some pics of it, it's pretty impressive. Should make at least 400 at the wheels, too.
^^How much would all that cost. Thats a very interesting alternative. If a 7m-ge to 7m-gte swap is a big waste then i guess putting a 2jz in the bay is even a bigger waste then?
i wouldn't say a complete waste but how much do you like the car? You have plenty of other options out there.

I personally don't think it's worth the money to do anything to it. But like I said, if you like the car enough then it may be worth it to you. I think the small block would turn out to be a nice little swap.

If it's anything like the 944->LS1 swap it would be around $6-8k with a new crate engine. It was only about 1.5-2.5k in mounts and other necassary swap components, then the cost of the engine. You wouldn't need the trans in the 944 because the trans was in the rear of the car and a 951 trans could handle 400 hp.
It depends on how cheaply you can get the engine and transmission. You'll need a custom driveline, and some fabbed engine mounts. The SBF drops in right over the stock mounts, so all you need to do is make "spacers" to connect the frame mounts to the engine mounts. The shifter on a T-5 5-speed comes up through the floor in the exact same spot as the Supra trans, so no cutting holes is needed.

If you don't like wiring, there are some companies out there that can do custom harnesses for not much money.
So would the SBF be a more feasable swap than a 2jz?

To answer your question 92civicb18b1, I really like the car even if its not the all-holy mkIV. This will, in the future, be my weekend car. I will get another car that is more fuel efficient as my dd.

So spending anywhere from 4-6k for a swap is not all that bad considering alot of people find nothing wrong with putting a k-series in an eg, as a matter of fact, they worship it, lol.

I was also wondering why auto transmissions are not really liked at all? I mean, they can be found holding power of 1000+hp, so what is so wrong with them?
Lack of control. In most conditions, automatics are only good for drag racing, because they deliver consistent ETs. For Autocross or road-racing, you need the control of the manual trans.

And yes, if you find a running engine/trans cheaply enough it would be cheaper than a 2JZ swap, by far.

My friend Garrett with the supercharged 306 swap will have close to 10k into the car when it's done, but he spent 1900 on wheels and tires, an extra 2k on the supercharger, built the motor some, etc. etc.

Just putting a stock 302 in it probably will be close to how a Turbo swap would feel, but the front end will feel a little lighter and you won't have nearly the head gasket problems or any turbo lag, for probably similar cost.
My reasons:

the 86.5 transitional year was overall, Toyota's "Sorry!" year. The Celica went FWD and the Supra was rushed to the road because it was already late. The 86 Supra wasn't even meant to happen, and those one-year wheel sizes really pissed a few people off.

the 86.5 was cobbled together to make orders of mroe than 18,000. The 86.5 Supra figures were a lot higher than any other year of Supra production to date. The 1987 had little over 12,000 units made, and in 1988 the Turbo was added (some 1987 Orders made the Turbo cut-off at a time premium, it took customers upwards of 9 months to recieve the cars.)

As far as an automatic, never buy a Japanese auto. The Japanese simply can't make an automatic transmission. Them and the Germans. Yeah, go ahead and start calling me names, but you read me right: Only America builds real automatic transmissions.

The V8 swap isn't a bad idea. The weight penalty isn't that much, only like 120 pounds or so. The 7MGE is a heavy, huge engine so it's not that much more. Plus, the 301 / 289 / 4.3 Vortec / 350-with-firewall-mods is SO much mroe reliable. the 7MGE wasn't recalled, but it should have been. It was a terrible exercise in "larger MUST be better" and they merely upsized the phenomenal 5MGE motor. Without testing the stresses of the new sizes, they came with a real stinker of a motor.

A V8 swap kit costs from $1200 to $2500 from NorthWest Offroad. Plan on modifying your firewall for GM engines, your hood for all motors and suspension for the rest. Keep the W58 trans and you're good. A 700R4 or TH350 trans won't fit under the trans tunnel, so forget going that direction.

Sorry to hear about your purchase. Massage the dents out of it, get it to stop blowing smoke and sell it to an older person who won't expect too much out of it.

-> Steve
About the dents and blowing smoke that you mentioned, it is basically flawless as far as the body is concerned. The only blemishes are from my mom tapping my rear bumber while pulling into the driveway causing the paint to crack in two spots, yes its a shitty paint job. The car does not blow smoke and hasnt since I bought it.

Was just wondering, What auto transmissions do the mkIV supras use when they're making over 600whp? Because I know that some of them keep the auto trans.
They are using either swapped uot TH350 / TH400 / 700R4s or they are using a $14,000 racing trans. Or, they are using the stock trans for 3 runs before it detonates.

-> Steve
a 700R4 IS a TH350 with an overdrive. the TH400 is right out overkill for so many applications. But if you're playing with fire, then you know that adapting a Ford trans to big power is the way to go - The T4 or T6 is the road-going versions of the industrial-use model (I forgot it's call letters) that has the plastic gears. Those plastic gears can't be fooled.

-> Steve
Would it just be better to scrap the idea of modding the mkIII and just buy an mkIV? I can find a whole bunch for under 20k so I might just go that route unless there is a better alternative.
if you plan to leave the MK4 relatively stock. Mods for the mk4 are rediculously expensive.
Tell me about it. Yea if I do end up getting one then I will mostly do cosmetic mods like engine dress-up, rims. As far as performance I will probably just upgrade the intercooler, boost controller, full suspension, and an exhaust system then be done.