19yo 100lb chick eats 6lb burger


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I've never really pondered the logistics of eating a 6lb burger. It just struck me as odd to see her eating the bun solo.
I shudder to think of the crap you have after eating 11lbs of food.


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My buddy Ray's parents own a restaurant and he made me a 1.5lb burger before. That fuckin' thing almost killed me. But I finished it with all the fixin's, too. :)



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Originally posted by BodyDroppedNikes@Jan 19 2005, 07:09 AM
she must not have eatin for a few days to be able to eat that big ass cheesburger. :unsure:
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i dont know...i would think you have to eat alot the few days before to stretch out your stomach


they said she didn;t eat for a few days prior to prep herself...

and did you see the fixings that go along with it? bun, whole onion, whole tomato, a cup each of toppings

thats just insane.. but hey, she loves the meat...

edit: she also smoked a quarter Z before starting


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if she didn't eat for a few days, her stomach would have shrunk a little. i know sometimes, i can eat... a lot. but... i could never eat that much. ever. i doubt i eat that much in a day even


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Yeah i erad an article about that place in Texas with the 72 oz. steak, and some guy who has done it 7 times or somethin. he said he eats a certein diet for like 3 days before, to stretch the stomach. i guess one time he didnt eat for a few days and tried it but couldn't finish it.


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theres a place that has a buger called the "Duke Burger" and its weighs in at 4+pounds a few miles from where i live