2000 buell blast

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havent had a chance to get back on but i picked up the new battery and charger, built the battery and charged up / tended fine.

funny... the old battery is holding fast at just under 13v now.

New buell regulator is in and So is the new battery. The used regulator I got was also bad looks like. Old battery and new battery are both 14+ volts now



The bike starts easier and some of the low end vibration on throttle is gone. That’s nice. Got my knurled mixture and idle adjustment screws and tossed them in. Adjusted the mix whatever the buell forum says for my mods and jets. I haven’t originally messed with this at all because I couldn’t get to it with the airbox on the bike. Now I can if needed

So cool that every mod available for the bike has a trail that leads how to get it 90% of the way dialed in for the changes made. To be honest I’ve done most of the mods now... besides a power tube, intake and stack, and bigger fuel feed elbow the rest require engine work.

I have a rear stand coming so I’ll get the oils changed and primary adjusted. Lastly a new front tire as the old one is semi questionable , there are scallops in the center tread.

Got the mixture and idle speed worked out. I think the auto enrichment is too great so that is next on the list. Put new fancy brake fluid in and bled out both calipers

new front tire is in, just gotta get it off the bike and swapped out somewhere.

my bike stand is in, so I can finally change the oils and build a center stand.

lastly I’ve been riding the bike everywhere with no issue. Had my first “breakdown” after about 60 miles yesterday. Was starting the bike after a store stop and it backfired and blew the carb off the intake lol. My wonderful wife brought me a few tools and I was on my way in a few minutes.

Interesting find in the trans filled with water lol the vent hose was sticking up. I turned it down. Must have done this washing it.

new oils and filter, shifts fantastic. No Harley clunks!!! Found a grommet in the frame for the side plastic so put that back in too. Next will be the carb out again to adjust the cold enrichment it’s terrible. I may do the intake engine gasket too.

Taking the pipe off is easy putting it back on requires finesse.

great day to not be riding. Too hot anyways haha
Finally inspected took 5 minutes I was surprised, lol after how MA cars have a bunch of photos and videos of each inspection.