2000 Civic LX Sedan

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Okay, so I need an honest answer. I have a 2000 Honda Civic LX Sedan with a D16y7 motor and matching tranny. I want to swap the automatic tranny for a standard one. Is it possible for under 500 bucks? And another thing is getting a full exhaust, I had a guy at a performance shop tell me I cant switch out the exhaust manifold to a 4-2-1 header or what not because the engine needs to heat the cat up which is why it is close to the engine unlike the other ones. Is this true? Can I replace the stupid one piece exhaust manifold to a longer better Header so I can put on a full exhaust system. I do not want to swap the engine. Another question is I want to swap my rear drums for disc brakes what is the cost range for that and is it legal in Texas?
For auto to manual, are you talking $500 parts and labor?
Lots of ppl w/ 99-00 si did the drums to disc swap, esp since it came w/ drums on all corners. so they'd be a good source for cost. Can you grab the parts at a junkyard and do the work yourself?
It should be legal anywhere.
You can swap out the exhaust but the 4-2-1 will eliminate the catalytic converter, so you would have to add one in to be emissions legal.