2001 Civic LX

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I hate to say this but i would like to make this little engine fast if possible and be up there with the big boys, lol. It has a D17 engine 1.7L, i've thought about the engine swap with a K20A but right now it's to pricy for me. I like to do some modications to the engine it already has, but need some advice or help. What will be the best thing to make it go faster guys. I already got an AEM cai on it, what should i do next to it need help with this, thanx. :rolleyes:
first, you can post in the right forum.... :) This is for swapping... and since you rules out swapping.... moving to engine building....
but it should have been in the 7th gen forum in the first place... so i could move it twice... lol but instead its really going to engine building.
Now that we are moved.. you have a couple options.

#1- sell it, take the money you get off it, but a 92-95 hatch and do a swap and turbo with the change, and then go out to dinner with that change, and then call mom long distance on that change... get the picture?
You could have a relaly fast car for the money you paid for a brand new civic, with crapier suspension, crapier motor..... it goes on. Fact is, Honda + performance died in 2000. anything built after that is just never going to be what honda tuning used to be.
Argue with me all you want, either way its just my opinion of what i would do if I had a 2001 civic... but for 10 grand... you could be running 12s, with suspension, rims, and a swap/turbo.

#2- don't waste money on the d17 if at all you plan to swap to a k20. Not only will a k20 swap cost you close to 10 grand itself, any part you put on the d17 wont work on the k20... so why double spend.

#3- the best thing to make it go faster? n20 for the money. but you will probably blow that motor up.
Thing is, there is zero support for that motor, not to mention most of the new motors....

Like I said- if I were you, i would sell the car if you want to go fast. If you want a commuter- by all means keep it- it should last 60k miles :)
If you want a street machine- sell it and buy a 92-95 hatch cx for 1500, '94 gsr motor for $3500, suspension and wheels for $2000, and a turbo for $3000.
tune it, be done with it... you'll run 12s :)