2008 XMAS Tree Thread

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Why oh why didn't I take the blue pill?
Last year I made an XMAS Tree thread and I didn't get that many people to post. I would like a bit more participation this time. Post 'em up!

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i was just about to post this. lol

just put up my tree and lights today.


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once it gets dark and i turn on the lights i'll take a pic of the tree... .nothing outside yet.
why? i've had multi colored lights my whole life growing up

white = christ

and to hell with christ.
i'm in it for santa :)
Yea for Santa. Besides I'm maried so your logic fails.
No more trees? Not even like Holiday trees?
heres my sorry excuse for a tree.... its a fake one about 3 ft tall.. so we stuck in on a table.. haha.. i have both white and colored lights.. we decided to white since it matched the room better..