2014 Veloster Turbo

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Retrieved my axle from Waterbury in the tropical storm lol

pulled everything apart except draining the trans and removing the axle I ran out of time. Still waiting on my new hub and wheel bearing. I worked job 2 today it was a tough day so I will let the car sit. The wheel bearing feels soldid however a bit grainy and I don’t want to do this twice so…


so this is finally completed.

the old intermediate shaft had a bunch of movement in it however the wheel bearing is a completely different beast. so tight now.

going to do the other side next month.
👍 on SPC. I have the same ones on the RSX. Had to fuck with them for quite a while to get them in place, but they work well.
Oh shit, what model are your Enkeis? Are they the Raijin? If so, I was actually thinking about getting those.
they are 17x7.5 +50 i believe? or +40 i don't remember lol

tires are falken rt660 in 235/45r17 but they are destroying the car i am going to get 225/45r17 for next season and sell these tires.
Ah, okay. Thanks for the info. I'm looking at 18x8 +40, should sit pretty flush and clear my new calipers if I've done my measurements right.

So is the width on the tires causing problems? I was actually looking at a 245 because I like a little bit of bulge versus the stretched look. a 245/35 should result in a profile just slightly bigger than the 215/45 on the stock 17" wheels.
Yeah - the offset + width. If they were a little more tucked in like -2 or -4 they would probably fit the natural cavity better. on the drivers side a bunch of the mudflap and inner well plastic are gone at the 3'oclock position , on the passengers side even more is gone and the tire is rubbing the body weld seam at the 9'oclock position. something isn't straight under there and most likely due to me running over that huge chunk of asphalt earlier in the year. i am going to check my rigid collars and subframe bolts. the camber is at -1.5/-1.6 and toe is less than 1/8 inch. it drives straight.

also REALLY contemplating trading it and the kia in at the same time for an N , lol
Gotcha, thanks. I think I'll probably be able to get away with a fairly snug fit since I won't be tracking the car, but we'll see. Will probably roll the rear fenders just for peace of mind.

Yeah, that Veloster N looks nice!
we were at TSMP for a time trial this weekend, was a good time. car did not have confidence inspiring brakes so I was 1 second off my PB and almost 2 seconds slower than a new civic Si sedan that literally just ran laps all day no big deal.

plans are to finish up the next 2 AX events, potentially win driver of the year at our club and my class, then put it on snow tires for the winter. potentially trade it in for the spring.