2014 Veloster Turbo

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another great-tastic weekend racing... AX at TSMP. i am developing feelings that my differential or one of the main carrier bushings may be going out. not really sure ........ have one more event left in 3 weeks then gonna strip the car and trade it in :) either way in normal and spirited driving the weird groaning doesn't even happen. and the car drives normal and straight. either way its about 3500 to replace the trans, toss in a quaife and replace the dual mass flywheel with a single mass.

i am going to send an oil sample to blackstone labs just to see how it's going with 130k. if the engine is in good shape i may just fix it.

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Replaced the engine mount. It was empty and rattled like an ice cube in a glass of water. What I thought was boiled coolant all over the inner fender was actually hydraulic mount fluid.

great end of season at TSMP this weekend! I finished 2nd in class by .2 so sad but won the class for the year. finished 1st overall in points in the club. 6 of 9 in the championship runoff, and i put a mustang up the hill in the back during a fun run!
Also fixed the Jetta this week it’s been leaking oil. From the oil filter 🙄 thanks Patrick VW. Of course I scrubbed it all up nice ….. that’s how I do things.

Now I have to get the driveway cleaned so I don’t get a fine LOL

Turns out the filter housing was cracked! Someone must have tightened it up too much. Dealer tried to make me pay for it. 160 bucks for that plastic fantastic trash. Nope! You idiots change the oil.

Also things have been good. VT is in the garage the next 2 days for “bombogenesiseaster” whatever. Clean and shiny. Love having one of those unlimited car wash packages !

you aren't stuffing 87 in your genesis turbo are you?
i'm actually about to start a thread about what to do with the truck -- lease is up in the fall. time to shop or buy it out.
Well fuckity fuck we are gonna run amok this Sunday at Foxwoods !

Stupid koni, 3rd leaking insert front passenger lol. Put the rear konis on and rspec springs. Need rear pads. I got the falkens flipped and a new enkei to replace the bent one we tried to fix last year.

hazy little thing is one of my go to's. but you're missing a glass.

oh wait, this is a car thread....

surprised the koni keeps leaking. are they warrantied?
yes, of course :)

my rival ray who was on konis has the same issue. in fact - its the same fucking part number LOL he has moved up classes due to coilovers this year.

i got beat by an HS MRS, pro driver by .08 on sunday. i need a better car haha