2nd Gen Intagra's

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Junior Member
im looking at integras for my a new car, but i dont know what models have what... there's gs, ls, and rs. what models come with a/c or a sunroof or power options??? from looking at them in the papers, it sounds like the gs has got everything that i want, but i just want to get all the info. also, what are some of the common problems that ppl run into with a 91/92 integra ?? thanks!


Senior Member
RS is the base model and LS has a/c, moonroof, power windows, and cruise control.. GS has the same things except with ABS.. same motor unless u get the 92-93 GSR model.. has a 1.7litre that makes 20 more hp.. most gs ive come upon are autos.. oh yeah.. no cup holders :lol: .. i say get an LS unless u want ABS and to spend extra cash.. if you can get a GSR for a good deal, get it.. meaning 3500-4000 ish because an LS SHOULD not cost u more than 3200 in good condition.. major problems, none except the trunk rattles a bit.. like a squeeking noise.. can be fixed easily.. usually its the thing that locks your trunk thing down.. dont know what its called.. the little cover hatchbacks have... anyway hopes that helps.. peace