2nd Intake Runner

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have a jdm h22a and the 2nd intake runner is not hooked up. do u loss any for not having it hook up thanks.
yea i have no control over my secondaries either... but there's an easy way to fix it, do what im doing, get the euro-r intake mani :) or you could go the usually more expensive route and get a 94-95 p72 ecu ;)
Well, are they just not hooked up, or does he not have an ECU that can control them?
either way... id use it as an excuse to get the euro r intake manifold, lol, but you know how i am, i have an excuse to get a better everything ;)

IE- convert the lude to rhd in hope that i may some day become a mail man ;)
you'll only lose about 8hp over your sweetspot powerband. but. 8hp is 8hp is 8hp... get an itr manifold, call it a day.. btw... I make custom rail fittings for those manifolds so you can use the stock rail with your stock fuel line. I also make fuel lines for those that need to extend them. (i.e. CD5 with ATR mani, fuel filter down and on the drivers side, stock line not long enough).
i have the jdm p13 ecu i just dont know how to hook the 2nd intake runner up
Run a vacuum line from a nipple on the intake manifold to the intake runner solenoid. I can't remember if there's a wire you have to run as well, I can check when I get home tonight.
Originally posted by BlackJDMdeath@Apr 2 2003, 02:28 PM
you might wanna edit that ITR mani out of there bro ;) got any pics of you fittings? prices? let me know...

oh shizzie, I put ITR instead of ATR? Thanks for pickin that up. lol

I'll post up pics when I get home.