$3500 for this riced rex

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i think im gunna be sick :puke:
what the hell is a "hyper blinker" ?????
what the fuck are those rims doing on a CRX????
where is the passenger side blinker ??? is that the hyper mod????
what is that stuck to the front of the car ??? a towel?????
IV SHO ... lmao thats just :ghey:
oh but its got a white "R" emblem .... maybe its worth it
at least he painted the front bumper white to match the emblem
supra wing , single wiper mod , yellow "custom" seat covers
[darth vader]the gheyness is strong with this one[/darth vader]
single wiper omg i dont know if i coudl ever pull off a modification as technical as that and that bag wow man that must be there to slow that speed macine down when its runnnin 9s hahahahahahhahaha that poor crx id almost buy it just to rescue it from anymore embarassment