4ws Crx?!

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i was wondering on the possibility on swapping the 4ws system off the 88-91 prelude on to a crx? what modifications are neccesary(moving the gas tank into the trunk/luggage compartment for example) i know this is a hella crazy idea but i can get my hands on wrecked 88(i believe) 4ws for 400 its been hit on the side but other than that it seems to not affect the steering (majically). any how even if the i can't mount the engine in with hasport mounts then can i mount in a b18a and will the tranny and the steering system from the prelude work woth this setup? they should line up since they're both b series i was told but for some reason i just don't believe that.i know i am not the first nor am the only one who thought of this so please share your ideas with me any info or links would help! :Doh one more thong i am very patient and have time on my hands so i'm willing to do this monsterous project horse power to cost ratio is not concern here having a badass 4ws crx is. hell if one could 4wd a crx then i can assume you could 4ws a crx.TRUE!
How much do you want to spend on this project? Because converting your CRX to use the Prelude steering system is going to be expensive. The chassis from the Prelude and the CRX are laid out differently and are different sizes you you are probably going to have to custom make most of the steering parst and just use the Prelude as a guide. IMO it isn't worth it.
yeah i had a very long dicusssion with 3 of my freinds, we also took a look at the prelude DAMN that shit looked crazy even with all the free time in the world i am not going to do it after all like you said it ai'nt wrth it so i give props to whoever can do it :(