5000 Gt?

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Has anybody else heard of this? I am pretty sure that Toyota is going to bring this monster out, but all the information I have gotten is very minimal. All I know is that it is going to be a 5.0 DOHC. Top of line will be 420 BHP. I also know that this is the suppresor to the Supra. Here is a link with the only picture I could find.

5000 GT

Also, they are supposed to be coming out with a 4500 GT. Another link.

4500 GT
about a year ago i heard that toyota was going to either bring back the supra or a car like it very soon. I cant wait
I am not sure I believe anything that a site called conceptcarz.com says. Maybe if there were other, more reliable sources reporting the same thing...
I know about the engine specs from Import Tuner, there was a little spot in the area about upcoming cars, I can't remember the name of the section.
Car companys always do that stuff any one ever see the Datsun 270Z? or how about the Nissan Mid 4 that car was sweet =) but never went anywhere =(

car companys do it all the time and yes they might bring one out but if they do its like the Z8 one bad as mo fo of a car and even better in person "saw one at the BMW of Annapolis" 130K sticker price they said it was only there becuase some one ordered it and it was waiting to be picked up
in other words I will never see one ever again


Mid 4 from Nissan mid 80s car

id rock that fucker in a second!!!!!!!!

its a shame they never built it