86 teg swap to 88 civic hatchback

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HI this is my first post ever. STPAUL MN REPPIN

I have an 86 integra with the d16a1 motor and 4 speed auto tranny. I also have a 88 civic dx hatchback with the d15XX motor and 4 speed manual tranny. I would like to do the swap beacause the integra motor is older but has less miles(d16a1=at 140,000) (d15XX=at 202,000) and more power than my civic motor. Would it be possible to do a swap with out buying a mount kit because I can not find any d16a1 mount kits. Once I know what to do to get the swap done then I can do other simple mods such as intake exhaust and ECU, maybe also use the best parts for those. I am truly a beginner at all of this but If someone can help me with the right route to take I would gratly appreciate the help. :ph34r: :ph34r: :ph34r: :ph34r: :ph34r: :ph34r: ................................................................. :angry: :blink:
By reading the reference section it would appear that it would be a straight swap.There is nothing that specifically mentions that swap but,I think they consider those(the teg)zc motors and those are direct bolt-ins.As far as the conversion to manual if you have both cars,you have all the parts so why not.
Disregard what 92b16vx said. That engine is like the zc but has different mounting positions. The teg engine will not bolt in directly. It will bolt into an 84-87 Civic, but not 88+. Also the teg engine uses vaccum advance distributors when as your civic does not. This swap might be illegal where you live becuase you are putting an older engine into a newer car. Can you do this swap? Yes, you can do any swap if you have the $$$, and if you want the pain in the ass of wiring this. If I were you I would sell the teg motor to someone with an 84-87 civic/crx that is fuel injected and use that money to buy a d16a1, d16z6, b16a, or a b18a.