90 B16a Turbo Crx Part Out

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i have an on-going project that i have given up on, so EVERYTHING is for sale!!
most parts off a 90 CRX DX
all prices OBO

B16a head-sold

Cometic head gasket b16 81.5 mm bore .051" thick 75

B16a block w/ crank fresh out of the machine shop, stock bore, crank std. 250

B16a intake manifold, w/ fuel rail dsm 440 injectors 75

CRX si door panels 100

Door glass 25/each

bare door frames, 25/each (no glass, no door panel)

complete doors 75/each

Hatch w glass, couple small dents and scrapes 50, all glass is good.

KYB AGX struts Front and Rear $300

REVO camber correction kit SOLD

old front strut bar, 15

Kteller Exhaust 2.5 kit W/ flowmaster muffler fit pretty good on my crx, quiet too! $200

Crx Climate control unit OK condition 75

All Rear cargo panels and storage bins 200

dash, not great shape, 20

2 diff aftermarket steering wheels 20/each

steering column, still has key and switch on it 25

misc. interior pieces 5/each

Rear disk brake swap (integra i think) new pads, rotors, and calipers, also comes with 4040 prop valve and 15/16 master cylinder 275

front brake knuckles (drilled and slotted rotors, new pads, new wheel bearings, new upper and lower ball joints) both sides 125

Cargo cover, need repaired 25

2 cargo covers for a hatchback (not CRX) good condition 50/each

88-89 Si Cluster and cover 50

90-91 Si Cluster and cover 50

Turn signal/headlight/wiper switch, w/ rear wiper control 25

Clear w/black background corner and bumper lights 25

FAZE boost gauge, and mech oil press gauge, 50/each

FAZE Big tach, 50

all 3 FAZE gauges 125

5 15" black rota slipstreams, no curb marks 350
2 well used BFG drag radials 50
1 "New" style Azenis sports, 2 "old" style azenis, 95% tread 75/each

Combo deal, all 5 rims with all 5 tires already mounted, 500.

Fenders some dents 20/each

Hood w/ hood pins 50

bumper cover, cut to fit intercooler 20

front end special(hood, fenders, bumper)$75

B-series Axles good condition 50/each
90-93 integra axles and shaft
b-series half shaft 50

Chiped P28 ecu w/o chip and socket 75 w/ chip and socket 110

Walbro 255 Fuel pump SOLD

OBD1 b-series Distributor has OBD0 plug, almost new 100

OBD0 b16 distributor, no plugs. 50

Main wiring harness 100

engine harness for b16 75

complete wiring harness from headlight to taillight, including dash, and engine harness 200

Pm me for pic's of anything
Any thing else you might need, pm me and ask, i might have it
everything needs to go! - reasonable offeres will be consedered. - prices do NOT include shipping.
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do you still have the fuel pump?...if so what size is it?...pm me and let me know
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the head is apart now but i can assemble it if you want




i only need one of your Rotas cause one of mine is really messed up. since you have 5 can you just sell me one.
i have someone right now interested in the whole set.
if that falls through i will let you know.
hey i'm interested in the rywire conv harness, is it for a DX which includes also the necessary mpfi conversion or is it the one for an SI that already has the MPFI, also this is shipped right, thanx.