91 b18a1 into 88 to 91 civic hatch

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how much shit is it going to take to swap a 91 b18a1 into a 88 to 91 civic hatch its gonig to happen just need to know how much hair i will lose doing it
Kinda depends how thin the hair is, side or top of the head, etc. I think the swap will take a couple of wiring changes..depends if you're swapping into an Si, and you'll need B series conversion mounts (the 88-91 civic is a D series). I wouldn't call it straight forward, but if you know what you're doing it shouldn't be a problem. Check out hasport.com for their wiring harnesses and mounts..man all the crap you gotta buy will be like the same cost of the engine =X (axles, ecu, wiring harness, mounts..like 700-1000?)
I have the car the b18a came out of i have two ecu axles the whole harness shift linkage and i have alot of hair left but i`m not getting younger