92 Gsr Brakes

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New Member
I have a 92 gsr parts car complete. I would like to swap the brakes front and rear onto my 97 civic cx hatch, is this possible? I have never seen anyone do this so I'm thinking not.... Also what about the suspension will that work?
the brakes are a bit of a pain but can be done
you have to keep your EK Civic knuckles (hub and bearing) and bolt up the DA Integra calipers, caliper mounting brackets, rotors, and pads
you will also be doing a rear disk conversion so you will need new lines and e brake cables in the rear, as well as the proper proportioning valve and a larger master cyl

the suspension i dont think is compatible
So this weekend I tried swapping a few things from the 92 gsr to my ek hatch. The front strut/spring combo works great if you swap the upper bushing and the lower fork. The rear strut/spring assembly is no good, the integra's strut sits higher in the chassis and is too long... so no good on the suspension swap (tokico illuminas and sprint springs 92-93teg $400, obo).

As for the brakes I only had time to try the front swap and they didn't bolt right up but it looks like if I swap the spindle over it should be no problem. Anyone know if swapping the spindles from a 92gsr to an ek will be an issue??