92 Hb Si, Rhd Jdm For Sale Loooook

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Hey im tryin to help my buddy sell his car, here it is :

UPDATECar now has front windshield,Full interior and 1/4 panel will be fixed. Alls it needs now is a paint job and it will be a very beautiful car.
Hey 92 SI hb with a JDM RHD conversion for sale...

Heres the mods:

-Fiber images cf hood
-JDM headlights with Vision corners
-Shaved handles and moldings
-Shaved rear hatch
-Shaved antenna hole
-Wings west RS lip kit
-JDM foglights in front bumper
-JDM sidemarkers in fenders
Outside is in grey primer right now, needs to be painted..

-Full grey JDM dash all relays and everything are all there..never been removed.
includes cluster, climate controls, JDM clock, Power folding mirror switch, all interior dash lights light up amber...
-Black JDM audio console..
-JDM SIR2 steering wheel
-Black door panels with grey on them and black rear side plastics
-There are NO seats in the hb...It will come missing them..

Under the hood:
-D16Z6 with Focuz polished header and 5zigen exhaust with custom 2 1/2 inch piping.
Nothings really special about the motor, but everything under the hood is JDM besides motor..it has the JDM Vin plate, JDM throttlecable that goes all the way around the motor...and JDM labels from oil changes..

-It has 2000 Si suspension with about 25,000 miles on it.
-Skunk2 coilovers
-Tokico blue stuts
-It has perfect Si's with brand new tires on them...The pics I have it is rolling on Racing Harts but now it has SI's on it...

The car was my project that I have been working on this last year, I am in the military so have been gone and back so I work on it when I can. I am losing interest in this now. It is still a project and is not finished. It is not painted, its just in primer. I have wired all the taillights and everything because with the JDM frontcut the harness was chopped where they cut it...All lights work in it..The drivers door does not latch closed, it might just be latch but the 1/4 panel was replaced before I got it, and it seems like its in about 1/4 to 1/2...A bodyshop with a frame rack could pull it out for prolly 40-50 bucks cuz it doesn't need much... The hb itself has sat at least the last 2 years if not longer. It has a reconstructed title in Oregon, but it is registerable in the state of Oregon, check local state laws regarding Rhd's, because I don't know about other states...I don't want to handle shipping...If you want it then plz work all shipping details out and then let me know..

I am taking offers, plz be reasonable..I just want this car gone now, I had a few offers and thought I could get more for this car, I was going to keep it and paint it and sell it for a lot more....But screw it, Anyone with cash make me offers, but realize how much money I have into this hb...I'd like to get at least 4500$...My email is civiconroids@comcast.net and my AIM name is civiconroids...Thanks

Here is pics!




i was just wondering how you shaved the molding and licence plate. did u do it yourself or professionaly? what materials did you use because that looks like are really good job.
Nice ride bro. Madd props. Do you have any pics of the interior? I know some guys who might be interested.
Hey what up...My friend posted my car for me..Thanks alot Dan..I appreciate it..Ummm i got the gate that way..the lights and plate part all has metal plate welded in..The gate needs a lil more bodywork but not much...The car is going to be really dope...No other ones in my area..I keep getting offers to sell it but nobody comes through with cash...Nobody can get their shit straight..I will try to get soem pics of the interior today also...But anywasy..thanks and TTT
Originally posted by hatchboy@Feb 27 2003, 07:56 AM
-It has 2000 Si suspension with about 25,000 miles on it.
-Skunk2 coilovers
-Tokico blue stuts

If it has Tokico blues and Skunk2 coilovers,where is the 2000 si suspension?
:p forgot about the other stuff,should be specified though.
Come on guys, this guy really needs to get some money out of this,he has put alot of his own hours and money in this at 4,000 is not much to ask for what he has paid and what he has done, Who ever buys this i assure you you will be proud when you have it.
Lets all stop being low ballers, throw some reasonable offers out there
:werd: :withstupid:

I have been around show cars/trucks since i was 10 and the price of a p.o.s. hatch here in oklahoma is at least 3g's. One that has even been touched, non-the-less rhd converted would be well into the 8g range and would have sold by now..

Give this guy the money he deserves for quality looking job

Good luck
Hey thanks everybody....Just for everyones info now...I had a front windshield installed on the hb now...It only needs mirrors, seats, and a paint job now....I am asking 4000$ because i know you can look around and get quality paint jobs for fairly cheap...put like 1000$ into it and you could get around 8000$ or more for this hb....I also have been talking with a guy that can get JDM full interior with power windows and power folding mirrors for about 500$ for it...there will almost no way to tell its a US hb......WHY hasn't this thing sold yet?....Everyone says they will buy it when I get their emails but nobody can get money after they say they will buy it......WHAT ABOUT TRADES FOR SUV? OR?.........somebody...anybody.....
all i gotta do is sell my car.. and i'll buy it!!!.. i got a 1997 civic ex turbo.. !! i'm tryin' to sell for 8k so i can pay off the loan and have enough to buy this car.. if i can sell mine.. trade, etc.. i'll give you 4g's by this weekend!!!!

hey just let me know if you sell your car...Also I probably should have been more specific what I would trade for..Sorry..I am not looking at getting anyhting an older than my hb and I would really like to get a 92-up 4Runner or a jeep cherokee...But offers in trades for 94 newer Integras or 92-93 GSR teg's I will do.....Let me know if anyone has any of these..thanks