92 integra LS VTEC

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New Member
I just bought this 92 Integra GSR with a Ls Vtec swap in it. This is a whole new world for me , my 1st. Vtec car. Anybody have a parts list for this conversion? cause I need to buy a set of Mototr mounts CV axles
I searched this topic and couldn't find anything. Just want to no what parts can I use and from what car or cars? I need a set of oem motor mounts, can I use 92-93 integra gsr mounts or is there a translation part form another car for this swap? Thanks for the help
hasport mounts are good but make sure you opt for the mounts that come with bushings, i went for direct bolt-on mounts in my da9 and now my engine sits high, rubs on my hood and the worst part is i payed over $500 for mounts that vibrate everything loose in my car...choose wisely!
everything you need parts-wise will be pretty straightforward... it is essentially still a gsr. and the oem engine mounts would be the same for all 90-93 integras