93 240sx Or 93 Civic Hatch

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i have a choice to buy 1 or the other what should i do?
Depends on what YOU like.I might go for the 240 if I wasn't planning on doing a lot of mods and wanted a nice sort of fast car,even thought I hate the e brake placement.But I really like my hatch and the fact that for less money and time I made it faster than my buddy's 240,and I can haul motors in it :D
basically i have 2000 to work with and that is after i buy the car.
well- frankly, 2k isn't going to get you a swap in either car.

go with what one you like better.
personally, for me, its a hard choice. I want a 240 real fucking bad.
Both cars have potential. I'm not gonna knock the 240SX cause they're bad ass when you put a SR20 DET swap into them, but I think even with a swap a Civic has a better fun factor and is more practical. Just my 2 pennies. You'll be happy with either.
the only con with the civic is i cant really drift in it, but the pro is i could build myself a b20/vtec for 1700 complete and install it myself. thanks for your opinion everyone.
Originally posted by jdm538@Feb 26 2003, 12:46 AM
i could build myself a b20/vtec for 1700 complete

where are you getting your parts from? cuz thats about 7 grand less than average.
I got all my B20vtec stuff for $1500 but it was a deal. This kid decided not to finish his project. I sold the cable tranny with it and bought a hydro trans. Then I had to buy my bolt ons though. Still a good deal.
im in the importer bussines the b20 is 800 the gsr head is 300 ls tranny 200. chipped ecu ls ecu 200.
If you want full potential out of that b20 vtec you are gonna want some new pistons atleast to get your compression ratio up if you havent done that. Better rods would be a plus as well. In all honesty I wouldnt do a civic if I could do a 240 for the same amount of $. I am working on my turbo project, cause well boost owns and it would be nice if honda had an ls/t that came stock. It would save alot of initial expense. But oh well.
personally... i would check into how much its going to cost you to pick up a new engine for the 240, i just want rwd so bad it isnt funny... hatch's can be bad ass as well, but you can't slide the ass end out when you hit full boost in a hatch!
just my 2¢
Originally posted by 90 accord@Mar 4 2003, 12:44 AM
i slide in my accord all the time.

i went to drift showoff in irwindale and there was this accord that every 1 was luaghing at because it was trying to drift.