93 civic hatch back h22

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I have about 3 grandish, want to put an h22 into a 93 civic sohc that has headeback exhaust and cold air intake...i have the engine but it needs to be rebuilt....think i can do it?
youve heard wrong.

an h22 in a civic = low 14s. MAYBE high 13s on slicks.

you can rebuild a motor for under 3 grand- sure. whats wrong with it?
you will need mounts, axels, shift linkage, etc as well, so factor that price in.
Originally posted by hondaman16lx@Oct 29 2002, 08:54 PM
does the prelude engine still run, ive heard the civic can run 11's with a stock prelude engine

Wow! where do they make this prelude motor at? :wtf:
yea 13's.. i saw a 93 hatch completely gutted with a stock h22a in it running consistant 13.2's. he couldnt go past that.