93 jdm h22 in 97 ex


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i have a 93 jdm h22 in my 97 accord ex and at first the car didnt start so i had it towed to a shop who finished up the wiring for me. but now the car starts but it dies out. when you uncap the radiator there is exaust fumes coming out. i was told that this was a blown head gasket so when i took the head off i saw that there was large amounts of deposits on the pistons (i mean they are completely black) what can be wrong? the engine compression tested fine. anything will help thanks!


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Carbon deposits on pistons are normal.

I have several quesitons:

1) You said you removed the head, but say that it is running. Did you remove the head and put it back on? If so I would double check your camshaft timing.

2) You said you smelled exhaust fumes in the radiator? Highly doubtful. You may have an exhaust leak. If you have a blown head gasket, you may find oil in the coolant or (more likely) coolant in the oil. Secondly the car would probably be overheating and if it was really bad your engine would be smoking.

3) You have a 93 (OBD1) H22 in a 97 (OBD-2) accord. What ecu are you using and how did the shop 'finish' the wiring? Did they convert the engine to OBD-2 or convert the car to OBD-1?


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1)i just took the head off after they fixed the wiring and smelled the exaust leak

2)there really was fumes coming out of the radiator, the car started but never ran because it always shut itself off.

3) they converted the car to obd1

i just dropped off the head at the shop today to get it resurfaced and the guy said that they owner of the car before must have been riding the hell out of the motor because he saw immediately that the head was warped. So could this have been the problem?


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Fumes coming out of the radiator, hot coolant steam?

Stops running after short time?

Head warped?

Um, it sounds like you overheated. Steam, engine dying, warped head. This does not usually happen unless the engine is overheated. Assuming that the head gasket did blow, and exhaust could possibly come out of the radiator, the operator should have shut the engine off.

I could be wrong, but all the signs are there.......