95 Civic Dx B18b1 = One Fast Car!

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Updated March 26th

Howdy guys,

For all you guys who care, I'm gonna write up a swap guide for the B18B1 into a EG civic while I'm doing the swap. If you would be interested in such a thing tell me...I'm still contimplating doing it, but if there is a demand for it I will. <---I might do it...Lets see how time goes between school and work.

I am in the last stages of finalizing my B18B1 swap into my civic. My previous engine had been popped by a over zelious nitrous shot from the previous owner. The bastard popped the piston rings on 1 cylinder and took half the compression out of another. After going thru a whole box of oil a month I finally saved enough to do a proper swap. This is where you guys come in...Check out this list and tell me what you think. I am attempting to stay under 3 grand for the entire project.

What I got and for how much:

B18B1, ECU, Mounts, and harness: $881.88
I got this from a auto salvage yard with only 69k miles on it. It came out of a 95 LS with an Automatic tranny. I had them pull the engine only because who the hell wants an automatic :sleep: . What I was thinking is the chances of abuse where a lot less getting the engine pulled from an automatic rather than a manual.

LS Tranny/ Its a manual of course :D: <-- $600
I have no idea how much my buddy wants to sell it to me for but its in good condition except it has a missing mount and no shift linkage...But what the hell...

ACT Heavy duty pressure plate, Street clutch/ ACT's HDSS clutch kit: $405
This one is still up in the air. It depends on availability. If you guys have any ideas or suggestions of good clutches tell me about it.

AEM Short Ram intake: $70
Got it from a dude on ebay. What the hell, my engine didn't include an intake so I might as well get an AEM to make it breath better.

5Zigen Fireball Cat-back system: $200
My friend used to own a 94 civic coupe so he had some parts laying around. When I saw this bad boy I checked for rusting and all that was wrong with this exhaust was it was dirty with 3 scratchs on it...It's like practically stealing from him but he doesn't need it. B)

Arospeed Ceramic 4-2-1 Header: 150 off partstrader

B16A Flywheel: $30 <--The damn 8 pound one I got was warped and wobbled off the resurface machine...Not a good sign.

...I think there are some other things on the way I just can't remember right now. Yea....Well what do you think so far? Give me some feedback and be MEAN. I want all your cruel feedback so that I can modify my plans or rethink some items. Be cruel and unusual, PLEASE!!!! :worthy:
cbrnascar is definitely right, change the cams. The automatic cams are less agressive. You might as well put some aftermarket cams in there since you are doing the swap anyway.

Crap I didn't even think about that...What kind of cams would be the best to get?? Does anyone have a suggestion on some cams and cam gear???
I just added an 8 pound flywheel to the mix so with an ACT heavy duty clutch and a 8 pound flywheel...I will kick some major ass now.
hey does anybody know the Quarter mile time for 95 civic dx b18b is??????? assuming the weight is still original and nothing been stripped. can anybody give a good guess on the quarter mile times
Originally posted by SolReaver@Feb 6 2003, 09:19 PM
turbo it

enough said. Def look into some other cams, even if they are oem B18B manual--so much difference in them.
hey guys im not sure but isn't not really that good of an idea to put manual cams in an original automatic motor

i herd this but im not sure

but if so dont do it you can mess some stuff up
I'd love to do the port and polish...But damn this project is already costing me a crap load more than I first anticipated. I tell ya... Anyway this bitch is going in next weekend, I'm only waiting on the god damn flywheel and clutch. I got my 8 pound flywheel only to find that is was freakin warped...I was pissed. I'm just going with the regular stock 18 pound flywheel. What the hell...If I am gonna be throwing any kind of boost on it I don't want to overheat a lightened flywheel and warp it like the asshole that sold this one to me... Anyway, I am gonna get it in than take it from there. The cams are definetly gonna get changed. But they will have to wait until I get a better radiator and some OEM foglights. My headlights I swear are the most impossible and worthless part on my car. I can't get them adjusted right and they don't line up with the bumper that was thrown on there before I got the car..........Damn................................
Originally posted by beau_safken@Feb 23 2003, 01:29 AM
But damn this project is already costing me a crap load more than I first anticipated.

they all do.

orig budget for my swap- 3500.
current spending- 14,000

yeah original budget was around $10k
i dont even know what im at right now
i find it helps not to think about it :)
LOL, I'm kinda scared about getting the crazy tuner bug....Oh yea too late.

My original budget was blown to s*&T when great parts just started appearing and I was like a kid in a candy store..."Ohh I want that!!!"
Originally posted by pissedoffsol@Feb 23 2003, 01:48 AM
its not want- its need :)

Dammit that is soo right :D :lol:

I guess I'll find out next weekend if I can get this engine installed before my bank account runs dry from all the wants turning to needs...LOL