95 Honda Accord

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New Member
just bought this car and it was running fine. I had an overheating problem to where the thermostat showed it going into the red whenever I would sit idle. The minute I pushed the gas and started going again, it would immediately go back below half on the temp gauge. I replaced the thermostat gauge and also the radiator cap, got it at auto zone. Worked for a few days and car didn't run hot. The coolant was going into the over flow and not returning into radiator. Fast forward a couple weeks, car is running hot again when sitting idle. All the way to red. Minute I push the gas and start going , returns to normal. Now coolant is returning to radiator eventually. I let the car sit today, turned on, until the temp gauge went up above half and the fan was on (I thought that may be the problem). I'm trying to figure out what should I try and replace. I can't keep hitting and missing as this is outrageous. Any suggestions?
You've done a lot. New cap, thermo and fan works. No leaks. I'd try to flush out the entire system and check for a blockage.

Edit: please try to verify that fan is running but car still heats up.
blown headgasket , if cooling system is sealed and no air pockets it should be raising the boiling temp 8 degrees for every Psi of coolant pressure it builds