96 Integra with a h22a1 swap, have a few questions

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Alittle over a week ago I traded my 95 Chevy Blazer that was lifted with 31's for a 96 Integra GSR thats lowered with a h22a1 swap. It has a AEM fuel pressure regulator and fuel rail, HASport motor mounts, DC header, a mild cam, a chipped ECU and a ACT stage 1 clutch.
I like it so far but have a few questions about it.
1. The speedometer is always 10mph off, all the way from 10-100mph it reads 10 over what Im doing. What can I do to fix this?
2. I changed the oil the other day and realized the oil pressure sensor wasnt connected so I connected it. Took a drive and the oil light was on and after a while it started flashing. I pulled the sensor out and put in a guage so I can see what Im gettin, its at 12-14psi at all times. Can this be from the balance shafts not having the belt on them? Or is it the oil pump going?
3. The coolant lines to the throttle body arent connected, do they need to be?



1) does it sit at 0 properly in the cluster? do you have factory size wheels?
2) oil pressure should increase with rpm. 12 is super low. 20-40 is normal at warm idle and increasing with revs/load. VTEC will not engage without proper oil pressure either, so you may only be getting half power.
The oil pump is in the pan. I'm not sure what you mean by balance shafts and belts???
3) no, this is a common mod. as long as you don't live in a cold weather place, its fine. This just helps the car warm up from cold starts.


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1. It seems at 0 its fine, there are no marks after 20. It has honda crx rims on it, but if it had dif size than it wouldnt be a constant 10mph, it would be less slower and more faster.
2. It seems like the vtec is kicking in because at 4k it just screams to life. The balance shafts are in the motor, they have a belt in with the timing belt and the guy that I got it from didnt put the belt on. I read its a common thing to do but it doesnt say anything about the oil pressure dropping. According to ondemand the pump is behind the timing belt.
3. I live in IL and its starting to get cold, so I should hook them up right?