97 Honda Hb Swap

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hey can anybody can help me it will be great i have a 97 honda civic hatchback i have done acouple of changes like a type r look alike but the motor sucks like hell im thinkin of puttin a h22 or a b16a2 i would like to know witch motor is better cause this car is gointo my country in dominican republic and the weather is very hot and what would i need to do thiss swap and if any body know of a shop that can do this swap in the east coast cuase i need to put a/c too plzzzz help thanx


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Originally posted by monzee@Mar 15 2003, 06:52 AM
aint u havin a B series engine now?

aint u a dumb mother fucker? speak english.

the h22 is a bitch to swap and not worth it IMO. the a2 would be a good choice... but i would go with the gsr if you could come up with the extra $. what's your budget like? i don't know of any swaps on the east cost, as i'm in cali... but i'm sure somebody else will plug some shops.


oops I 4got the existence of EK3 Civic..
n Kylemarhx.. I'm probably sometimes dumb, I speak English but got no intention to sleep with your mother..


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hey....im from the DR too......

hey...... i would reccomend for you to check the prices to do the swap down here man......probably cheaper....if ya need any help locating the shop where you going to install whichever engine down here...tell me...ROBERTO CAMPOS....he's the man........the swap king....and price is not bad...

if i were you i would install the B16 man...H22 is hella complicated...

tell me which engine your gonna install and ill tell you how much your gonna spend down here....


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nevermind the b16 theyre not worth it in order to make a b16 real fast you end up putting b18 parts n it so why not just go b18 to begin with, thats what id do. i would say go LS/turbo