98 B18C1 into a 95 civic

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Im looking at buying a 95 civic 2 dr i have no idea which trim EX HX DX etc. its a 5spd. I have a totaled 98 GSR 4dr what all do i need to do and what parts do i need in order to do this swap. Im having issues with all the wireing and harness crap like OBDI and OBDII swap crap harness and wiring. Im a GM technician that is turning to the dark side of Hondas. I had a Z24 and loved smoking you guys (JK) just love how a Honda sounds. Hopefully with your guys help you can make me a true beliver. Any help or someone who has done this if you can contact me any help woud be appreciated.

Robert mehrer
GM Service tech.
If the GSR isn't to totalled your in luck because it has everything you need.You need the motor,tranny,axles,intermediate shaft,shift linkage,mounts and ecu.It is a remove and replace operation,with only the vtec needing to be wired.If you can get a hold of a vx hatch back,being the lightest model that runs vtec it is even easier.A cx weighs the same but doesn't have vtec.The ex and si are heavier but come with more features..For more specifics check into the reference and swap sections at the top of the page.Welcome to the world of Honda interchangability and the monsters it can create.
Not with a GSR,but with a b16a2,since the differences are only minor between the B series engines,yes.The only thing I can think of that you may need is a obdI to obd II adapter harness.
Will i need to still wire the Vtec and purge selanoid wires up ? swap pin outs ?

Well actually how bout you do me a huge favor !!!
Can you give me a list of what i need and where and does and donts and if i can ill fly my GF to your house and you can get a quick blow job ! lol JK Every site ive seen has been very vauge ie, C-Speedraciong.com hybridgarage.com all these sites say basicly the same crap but no real details.

So far i see i need
The car: OBDI Civic (vtec or non) ?
The engine: B18C1 98 GSR OBDII
The ECU : B18C1 98 GSR OBDII
The Half Shaft and Intermeidate shaft? GSR
Tranny From B18C1
Shift linkage and support bracket from GSR
Catalytic converter from GSR
GSR Radiator hose

ok my confusion begins here:
Motor mounts basicly the same ? Direct bolt in ?
ECU wiring (ECM jumper harness ?) where can i get an adapter ?
PLug pin out swapping do i need to swap if i have the adapter ?
and will the civic shifter mount to the GSR shaft or is it just the length thast different at the tranny mounting side ?
OK well i have an update. lol I was mistaken its a 1995 GSR i think the lil tag inside the door panel in the drivers doors says MFGD in Japan 4'95 im guessing thats may of 95 right ? so that would be an OBDI does that make it any easier ? it looks just like my buddies 98 GSR inside and out besides the two extra doors.
If it is a obdI then you have to remove your engine w/tranny,axles,shiftlinkage,and ecu and then replace it with the B series using the engines wiring harness from the (and here is were it may be different on your car) car you are putting the engine into.If you get one of the models with vtec;vx,ex,si,then the vtec wire is there and available.If you choose to get a non vtec model cx,dx then you can run a wire by it self to the vtec pin point(D6) and the knock sensor(D3) www.hondaswap.com/articles/viewer.php?id=32 this is the reference for all the pin points.You maybe able to use the GSR engine harness but I'm not sure.Check it by unplugging the cars harness at the shock towers and see if the GSR's will plug in.
they didnt specify on year specific and OBD specific like harness needs dos and donts. i think they r using a 95GX whatever that is and a 98 B18C1

So if i swap the 95 B18C into the 95 civic (vtec/nonVtec) ill also need the GSR harness ? Like remove the Civic PCM and Harness and replace with the GSR PCM and harness. I got all the hardware needs, im still a lil confused on the PCM setups. I dont understand how if i use a OBII i dont need to replace the harness but OBDI i need to. if its the same OBDC shouldnt the harness' match besides the Vtec and Purge Pin outs ? Are the plugs themselves different on the OBDI civic and integras ? I thought Honda used all the same hardware and wireing. but then again im thinking like a chevy man lol

Also CSpeed didnt say i need axles and shit like that, so they werent to in depth. Im trying to get a feel for what i need and this is the only way i really know how. I appreciate all your help. I dont wanna jump into this blindly ive swapped motors in cavaliers before and IT AINT PRETTY when you fuck something up like the OBDC. Is there an article or a person you know of that has done this exact swap. Im sure its also gonna matter on what civic i get. what civics have the VTEC-E I know just the GSR and Si have VTEC-i and the H22 im not all in tune with the smaller B series ie B16 B17 im used to messing with a B18C1 and thats it lol. I really appreciate your help.
Ok I'm gonna try to simplify this.Part 1: If you have a 92-95 vx,ex,or si,then you have vtec(e or i,doesn't matter).Part 2: if you have a 94 GSR B18C1,all you have to do is;remove your motor,tranny,axles and shiftlinkage.At that point reverse the process by putting in your GSR using it's mounts;motor,tranny,axles,and shiftlinkage.That takes care of the mechanical part of the process.

What I was saying about the motors wiring harness was:remove the labeled harness from the GSR and compare the connections with the one's in your car at the shock towers,to see if they are compatible.(mine where not by a couple plugs but like I said I used a different year and country's motor.)If they do match up reconnect to the motor.If not then before you put the motor in the car,remove the harness from your cars motor and attach it to the GSR.You may have to extend a couple wires,it will be obvious as to which ones as very few share same connections.

At this point is when your car having vtec will come into play.If it does regardless of which harness you used you will be able to hook it up via the harness and not running additional wires.It that point all you have to do is run a wire from the knock sensor to the appropriate pin point on the ecu.If the car you have doesn't have vtec then you will have to run the;vtec solenoid grn/yel to A4 and the vtec pressure switch blu/blk to D6.

I'm pretty sure that is all but,if not hopefully someone will correct anything I left out.
Thanx Guys sorry for the dumb questions and crap, it gets kinda comfusing with OBD and years and swaps and crap. This is my crash course in Honda tuning, and im jumping in head first. I looked at that article but it just confused the piss out of me !!!!

Thanx again for your help.

Remember I work on GM's its a dumb redneck setup anyone can figure out a GM But you honda boys got it made just knowing what will work with what is the key.
Oh ok wait one more LAST DUMB QUESTION just to make me feel better.

if the 95 GSR ECU plug matches the 95 Civic Harness plug just plug in the GSR ECU ? But if it doesnt I have tp swap in the GSR harness as well ?
I'm 90% sure the ecu will plug right in.I can't find anything that says it won't. www.hasport.com has a really good swap matrix,you should check out.If for some reason it doesn't fit use the same motors ecu just from a earlier year.
when we say plugs right in... it plugs right in . the positions on jsut about everything are the same for the same obd years
obd0 = <91
obd1 = 92-95
obd2= 96-98
obd2b = 99+

this shoudl help

check the pin out charts we have in the article section. compare the p28 (civic ecu) to the p72 (teg ecu) you will see that 99% of the plugs are the same thing
ok so the plugs should match i just have to do some pin swapping ? I can do that. Thats no problem. I just didnt wanna start hacking shit and fucking it all up. You guys rule. I like honda owners much more intelilegaement group of guys and gals. You guys are on a higher level than GM owners.

thanx again and ill keep you guys updated if youd like.
I understand the adding of wires now. The P28 doesnt suppirt the IAB and KLnock sensor the B18C has so you have to add wires in the Plug to run to those sensors I get it now DUHR <----- RETARD. I was thinking of in reverse. the harness doesnt have those wires but the ECU does. Got ya !!!! So the OBDI Civic Harness will mate the OBDI GSR ECU but the two additional wires must be added to the civic harness to run to the IAB and Knock sensors, what is the swapping part like from 20-17 what is that all about ?
...what is the swapping part like from 20-17 what is that all about ?

I'm not sure what you mean 20-17
damn im confused again this time about mounts you guys r gonna kill me. lol do i use ALL of the inetgra motor mounts in the civic or a combo of them ? im guessing the B16 doesnt have the rear motor mount ?