'98 Civic OEM Cassette Removal?

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Hi ya'll I've been lurking around here for a while now looking at a lot of interesting articles.

I'd like to take apart the OEM Cassette Deck and solder a 3.5mm audio jack onto it. Seeing how I dont have a CD player for CDs for that matter <_<
My only problem:
I cant seem to find anywhere, a guide to remove an OEM Cassette Deck on a sixth generation Civic. I'm not the thing next to the AC controls but the one in front of the shifter/cup holders. I've searched everywhere, multiple forums, Google. I can only find a guide for OEM stereo. Normally I'd just go for it, but I have a tendency to reassemble electronics with leftover screws, and this is my daily driver.
Any help is much appreciated.
i say just go for it..if there is any scews involved, theyll be pretty simple to remember where..
possibly one in the back and one on each side.. thats only if its got all that extra support.
you should just get a new deck..
youd be amazed as to what you can find at thrift stores.

look for screws or something holding the case around the shifter on, i just finished putting mine back on actually. lol
but to make it more simple than that, you should just be able to stick a thin piece of metal in the middle of each side where the deck meets the tan part, and it should just unclip and slide out.
You probably need to remove the center console to get to the screws underneath. I don't know how it is on the 96-00 Civics, but on my Integra there's screws around the e-brake, screws on the back of the center console piece, and screws up near where it meets the dash. I would try taking that off and just have a look. It may become apparent how to remove the tape deck once you see what's underneath the console piece...
Hmm thanks you guys, I'm gonna try the unclipping with metal first. And if that doesnt work I'll rip my console apart!
And I with I could find a new deck. The thrift stores here is So-Cal almost never have anything good.