98 DX swap to LS

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What year engine would be good? I know I have OBD-II, does that mean the LS needs to be also? Will I have to give up anything like my air conditioner or power steering? How easy will the swap be? What is good mileage for an LS engine or should I get a GSR? I found a 98 LS engine for $875 from a junkyard in NY. Any helpful information about this swap would be great, even a rough estimate of possible HP to expect, or even a website that has everything I need to know. What all do I need for this swap (i.e. wiring harness, ecu, etc.) I want this done RIGHT!!

THX for all your help,
the 98 ls is the right obd for your car. i m almost sure you can use your old wire harness. you would also need that ecu too. i m not sure what else is involved but see if you can get axels and shift linkage and what ever you can get your hands on from that car... the price sounds good too
Yup. I believe all you need is the AC bracket from a del Sol VTEC or a 99-00 Si, plus your original compressor.
ehhhhh i dunno if its just kansas or what... but you can find an LS for much cheaper than that... its sort of a little secret... but go to www.car-part.com its uh... the shit? you will spend hours on that site... like a kid in a candy store.candy store
edited... its still messed up... and im still stupid