A/r Question

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OK here is what I have on my setup right now. Its a Turbonetics T3/T04B Super F with stage 3 compressor and 0.48 A/R. Will changing the A/R to 0.36 make much difference and what do I need to change to do that. Is that the housing sizes.
Ya, that was a typo, it was supposed to say 0.63. Can you buy just the housing and do it yourself.
Originally posted by kylemarhx@Jan 24 2003, 01:54 AM
damn, brian might be right about the t3/t4's after all.

of course i am. t3/t4 sucks
T3/T4 doesn't suck if you plan on this being a daily driver, I decided not to swap to the T3 60-1 as Turbonetics told me it is not a very streetable turbo and they said unless I am going for an all out race machine that the setup I have works better, although yes you do get more CFM's so it depends on what your going for. I need daily drivablity as I drive this car everyday, but if I was just using it for racing than I would definately get the T3 60-1.
Since I have a low reving car(until its finished being built) The t3 super 60 is not efficent on my engine, don't want anyone to think I am saying that my turbo is better than it just works better on my car for my demands.