Amateur building GSR

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Britton Coursey

New Member
This build will be all-motor for a while, but eventually I do plan on running 7-9 pounds of boost in it. Also, I'm building it ground up to get experience hands-on being a new enthusiast and mechanic but primarily for it to last me several years.
Here's what my research has yielded for what I'll be putting into it. I haven't consulted with anyone else really about it so I do appreciate feedback:
oem crank
Eagle H-beam rods
JE forged pistons
Gates kevlar timing belt
ARP main studs
ARP headstuds
ACL race bearings
Genuine type-r oil pump
Cometic complete top end/bottom end gasket kit
oem shafts and camgears
Darton flanged dry sleeves
Skunk 2 pro series intake manifold
oem oil pick up
Toda heavy duty oil pump gear.

and the build looks like it's gonna cost me in the 3500-4000 area.

Again, I'm quite the amateur so positive feedback is highly appreciated and welcomed. If anyone has an idea such as substitutes and whatnot please do share and give explanation so I can better understand.
Thanks in advance,
Britton :)
That's a pretty solid list.

Couple of comments...
OEM bearings are really good to get your clearances dead on from cylinder to cylinder- ACL gets you "in spec" but not necessarily all the same.
I'm pretty sure all the B series oil pumps are the same- go check part numbers.
OEM gaskets work great too if you're going to stick to stock thicknesses.
Get adjustable cam gears to tune your overlap. You can always put them onto aftermarket cams later.
Get your sleeves professionally installed by a shop that knows Honda blocks!

So this gasket kit that's listed for 60 dollars for oem gsr engine will include all the gaskets i'd need that come with the cometic complete top end and bottom end kits? the cometic kits together would be around $256.00 usd so if i could save $190.00 dollars that'd be epic. i'm just worried about whether or not the oem gaskets will be efficient and durable once i boost it. i won't be racing competitively or dogging on my CRX all the time, but I do enjoy an occasional spirited drive. also, what did you mean by stock thickness exactly? if you know of any companies that supply these parts you're suggesting and/or have links that'd be great to!