any advice?

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I was out having a cigarette or something and my friend spilled some water on the coffee table. A few hours later i went to use my laptop, which was on the coffee table, and the screen just turned on to snow (like a tv with no picture would do). He said only a little water got on the top and he wiped it off and moved the LP off the table, and it was far too dry to really look like it had damage. Could it be the monitor that might have gotten water on the cable?

Everything important is on there, all my random, car, and house pictures, aim conversations, documents like my resume and bill worksheets, etc... not to mention all my links to bill websites and yada yada. Do you think a computer shop could fix it long enough to transfer everything onto a flash drive/my desktop?

The harddrive still turns on, the network card turns on, the computer itself turns on and the fan starts blowing when it gets hot even, just not the screen.

I tried hooking up my old big ass CRT 17" monitor to it, but I can't turn it on without the laptop screen working. :(

I honestly think it's just a huge coincidence though that he spilled water and it just died. It's been on nonstop for months at a time.
hook the laptop up to your other monitor again and then press the Fn key + F7 (that's what it is on mine anyway). you're looking for a fxn key that has a blank square (your laptop monitor) and a blue desktop monitor. or it could say CRT/LCD. depends on the brand of laptop you have.

toggle that puppy and see if you get signal to the external monitor.
The ribbon cable that connects the monitor to the base will sometimes get worn out and frayed causing the screen to shit out. You may be able to find a spec sheet on how to take your machine apart and take a look. If not take it into a shop. dacheat is spot on with the monitor switching as well.
Or take out the HD and buy a USB cable -> laptop HD atapter and there ya go :)
Its sitting at A+ computers right now, they're taking a look at it. If they can't offer a fix then I'm going to just transfer shit onto my desktop and ebay it off as a non working laptop for like 10 bucks. If they can get it working, Brian will get a 4 year old laptop.
Well its fucked. He told me yesterday that the motherboard was screwed, so I had him take out my harddrive. That is all I have left of my Dell.

Fortunately I have a connector for it so I can plug it into my new laptop and run music directly off of it.
But James, why would you do that?

Cause I chose to be semi-cheap and bought an HP Mini laptop. It came with an 8.9" screen, 1.6 ghz and only 8 gigs of harddrive space. I get half my music onto here and the HD is full. haha

Other than that, I really like this little mini bastard. the Keyboard for being so small is easy to type on.