Are you going to get vaccinated?

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Will you get a covid vaccine?

  • Already did

    Votes: 16 57.1%
  • As soon as I can

    Votes: 2 7.1%
  • Undecided

    Votes: 4 14.3%
  • Not until I have to

    Votes: 4 14.3%
  • Not a chance

    Votes: 2 7.1%

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are you fucking retarded...Joe Biden said these exact words. Not only did he say you can't get Covid, he also said you can't spread it if you are vaccinated. The sitting President of the US said these exact words. Do you not remember him telling people it was their duty to get vaccinated to stop the spread? And yes i know exactly how this vaccine was going to "work". That is why i was educated enough not to get it.
Definitely not fucking retarded you motherfucking asshole.

Love the snopes quote, guess that's just presidents doing politician things. Still say you don't understand the science behind it. Guess this is also why I slowed down coming back to the board. Too many fucking asshole idiots.

Yes, you remind us everytime you post lol

Snopes has totally become a satire site though for sure.
got the J&J single shot in May 2021. mainly as a work requirement. i had mild sick/flu symptoms and a sore arm for a day. funny that my job made it a requirement since I've been WFH since March 2020. they were planning to go back in the office but every time they started getting ready to, another variant/wave came through lol.

but I went to Hawaii in August and they required the shot for entry. my wife got the shot (also J&J single shot) 14 days before the trip and pretty much only for the trip, she didnt have any reaction. Looks like they've dropped the requirements as of March 26th now for US residents.

We don't have plans to get a booster. neither of us have work requirements for it and we live in a low-risk area and COVID has been on a strong downward/cooling/waning trend. I'd pretty much only get it if my work required it, but I doubt they will since no one seems to care about COVID anymore lol.

I haven't exactly been attending super-spreader events, but I also haven't been hiding in my basement in fear. just living my life and wearing a mask where required :shrug2: but even those mask rules are largely lifted in my area.

my whole family has been vaxxed (moderna or pfizer), and many of them even got a booster. they've all got COVID at least once. and my super woke double masking double vaxxing sister-in-law got it twice lol. Me and my wife have yet to get it and we've even hung out with them when they had that lol :dunno:
The good news: It'll likely be over by April, maybe May, and omicron may be the most infectious form this virus is able to take (it's already the most infectious virus known it appears). And in that case, it will continue to dominate future mutations as they occur while, perhaps becoming even less capable of causing damage to the host.
I also lean pretty hard into the Fk em both (all) category.
I don't feel there has been a president in my lifetime that wasn't an absolute corrupt POS that looked out for their own, or corporate, interests, vs the actual interests of the people.
Drives me insane that many people think you have to be Team Jacob or Team Edward. There is no more voting of individual issues themselves.
You guys must already be inline for your monkey pox vaccines...don't worry it was already FDA approved in 2019.....right before Bill gates told us of the next pox pandemic that was coming.
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You guys must already be inline for your monkey pox vaccines...don't worry it was already FDA approved in 2019.....right before Bill gates told us of the next pox pandemic that was coming.

Yessir! Getting my vax on Wednesday and then Thursday I have an appointment to get my newly injected microchips sinked up with the 5G network so Bill Gates can get notified whenever I take a shit. Hoping to get a shout out in his next TED Talk.