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I dont think it should matter but just to get some reassurance I had posted b 4 and asked what else was needed for a b18b1 swap. I found out today that the motor was once automatic. Will a pilot bearing still fit into the it?? or what is needed???
if ur going 5 speed u just need a 5speed flywheel othern then that ur be honest its better that its an auto because u can put really hard miles on and auto cuz the rev limiter is so its a good thing but as for JDM b16 auto's..its a bad thing because the motor has like 15 less HP then the regular 5 spd...
And you need Manual Tranny bolts for the flywheel cause they are longer than the auto ones.
Just go buy a new pilot bearing for like 15 bucks. Also you have to change a jumper in your automatic ECU to make it a manual. Go on and download the instruction manual to figure out how to do it.