auto to 5 speed

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Will my automatic ecu make my car not start now that I have a 5 speed in it, would it still think the car is in gear? The car is a 97 civic and the engine is a 91 ls. I have a P28 ECU and a PR4 ECU but I am having problems finding a wiring diagram for the 97. I can not afford to buy a conversion kit to go from obd2 to obd1. Any suggestions would be appreciated. :(
it will run, but you will throw code 19... automatic lockup solenoid or something.. this can be fixed in usdm p28's by removing RP18 and lowering the value.. if you are interested in doing this let me know and ii'll dig up the specs
The car will not do anything when the key is turned. Any specs you have I would appreciate seeing. The 97 still has the stock automatic P2E ecu in it I am not sure how to wire it for one of the obd1 ecu's. I do have everything to go obd0 I think. (Distributor, wiring harness, fuel rail, alternator)
I was wondering why my 97 ecu has 4 plug ins and all other ecu's including Si's seem to only have 3? :unsure: