B16 Boring

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I dont mean to say that a b16 is boring. has any one ever tried to bore one out you know like they use to do with the old engiens? If any one has send me the specs and any diagrams you have at rivan_17@hotmail.com Thanks in advacne.
specs and diagrams? wtf?

your bore out from the stock 81mm bore, to 81.5mm 83mm 84mm and if you are on crack 85mm and 86mm. after that, you are out of wall.

what diagram do you want? i suggest you take it to a machine shop to have it done. and then you need new pistons to fill the now larger bore.
Dude im new to this whole thing damn. Dont need to get all pissy i dont know exactly what i need. I dont know the bore size of my engine right now thats why i asked for the specs shit. but never mind fuck this site
get over yourself!
A b18C it will cost less than boring a B16 unless you already have a b16 then check out head work first.
God damn it. Sorry about that last post that was my dumb ass roommate. Hes got a Rex too. Hes a dick some times. Espically when he longs on with my stuff. But thank you for the help. So how much is a b18? Thanks for the help but sorry about the last few posts, I guess he made some stupid comments on another one of my posts. Sorry everyone. Well take it easy.
Originally posted by 91CRXDX@Jan 22 2003, 06:43 PM
So how much is a b18?

well you ahve your
"b18" but what suffix
c/ c R, c spec R, jdm japaneese j-spec R spec R jdm type arrrrrr YO

sorry i'm a douche
i would go with head work before i touched the bottoM end in an all-motor application any day.
ur bottom end on a b16 is good to 9300-9500 rpm but ur head is good to 8200 rpm.
so... build ur head to match ur botom end. thats what i'm doing.
I've use to rev my stock B16 motor to 8500 all the time when it was stock the JDM spec SIR motor had a stock revlimit of 8440RPM atlest in hondatas books
i used to do 9k constantly on stock rod/bearing/crank ... but my head was could take it, but those crane cams didn't put out much after 8200 anyways
well since you were talking about the b16, I will assume you want to know the cost of a B18C (GSR motor) which is esentially a 1.8L version of the B16. They run around 3 grand.
Alright cool thanks alot you guys. and i am logging my self off now every time i log on. Well every one take it easy, thanks for al lthe info. Laters