B16a And B16b ?

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Ok I am trrying to buy this motor from this guy here in vegas. I want a civic si motor for my 95 hb he is showing me a b16a not b16a2 is that the same motor or not. cuz the motor has b16a stamped on it will the b16a2 have "b16a2" stamped on it?
B16A and B16A1 is from a JDM Crx Sir--it's OBDO, you don't want that.
B16A2 is from a 99-00 USDM Civic Si--it's OBD2, you don't wan that.
You want a B16A3 (rare!) or a JDM B16A Sir II from a 5g Civic.

The Y80 tranny makes me think it was from a B16A Sir--OBD0.
will the sir ll have b16a stamped on it and how can i tell if its the sir ll motor
Japan 90-91 civic/crx siR=B16A/B16A1(<--rare) cable tranny
Japan 92-95 civic/crx sirII=B16A hydraulic tranny
Europe 90-91 civic/crx VTi=B16A1 cable
Europe 92-95 civic/crx VTi=B16A2 hydraulic
US 94-97 delsol DOHC vtec=B16A3 hydraulic
US 99-00 civic si=B16A2 hydraulic

There are some other variants in the family but this is main groups your going to see.These numbers are stamped on the block.You can tell them apart from what they came in and what kind of tranny is on them.if they guy is trying to rip you off he can change tranny and valve cover.But since your tryingto put it in a 5th gen you want a OBD I motor and that is the siRII/VTi or the 94-95 B16A3.