B16A - B16B ECU Swap

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New Member
Hello all:

I have a 96 JDM Civic SiR which is B16A motor and unfortunately with auto tranny. However, i have managed a Y21 manual tranny and will begin the installation soon. I am however worried abt the ecu. i currently have the P2T ecu. what i was wondering is, if the current P2T ecu is for auto tranny only and if so then if i can swap the ECU with a 96-97 OBD-2a PCT ecu from JDM Civic Type R with B16B motor?
You can't use an ecu from an auto civic on a manual one because the ecu controls the tranny, so you will throw a bunch of cel's for the tranny and you can't swap on a B16B ecu onto a B16A. The timing and fuel maps are completely different and it will run like crap. Just grab a B16A manual ecu.