B16A cover breather

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New Member
I have a B16A and an AEM cold air intake. i don't know whether or not i should get a cover breather for the valve cover or if i should just connect a hose to the intake. is there any advantage to either? its an NA street driven civic so i don't need something for tons of power.
you should hook up the hose. people that just put a filter there are ricers. and here's why:

when pressure builds up in your head, it needs somewhere to go. this pressure has lots of nasty gases in it. if it forces itself out the filter, the filter becomes dirty and starts to collect oil and will eventually drip. it's also not being very efficient at removing the dirt. if you connect the hose like it should be, it will remove that gas pressure and put it into your intake to be burned in your motor, but will dirty your intake. if you want to be cool and make an upgrade, get a non vented catch can and install it inline between the intake arm and the valve cover vent

durring part throttle gas should be pushed out of the valve cover by pressure and durring wide open throttle the air rushing past the end of the hose causes what's called the ventrelli effect (spell?) which creates vaccum and draws the nasty gas out, which is definatly what you want.