b16a with a 92 gsr head

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i have a b16 with a 92 gsr head form a b17 and i was wondering what would be a good tranny. i want to get a 94+ gsr tranny but is that going to bolt up to the b16. any answers would help alot. thanx
Look around youll find answers but YES any B Series tranny will bolt up on any B Series Block. You just have to make sure the car you put it into will work with a hydro tranny.
B17 GSR head? Get out... No such thing

Look at the reference section on this site. They have a transmission comparison chart.
the b17 is a complete gsr right.well the block had bad compression so i had to replace it with a b16a block and kept the head from the b17. now i was just wondering what would be a good tranny to put on the b16.
A B17 is not a GSR. A GSR motor is the one found in the Integra GSR, which is the B18C1...
lol I did look on there to double check. o well!
lol hahaha yeah the b17 isnt a gsr engine hahaha, i wonder what you thought they came in then yblegal?

i think it has the same head as a b16a though, and it makes the same power numbers as a b16a.

your best bet is to just use a jdm b16a tranny or if you can find a 92-93 gsr tranny.... they are both short gear ratio that work well with a b16. unless you want to convert to hydro thats your best options.
you callin me a n00b?
Nah man, the OP is new here therefore a hondaswap newb. As far as his vehicle/mechanical knowledge I wouldnt know just yet.

Just to make it clear in case you didnt get that. No, I'm not calling you a nooob! :ph34r: