b16a1 help!! please

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ok i got my car back from the shop with the b16a1 installed in a 90 civic HB si. Now the engine check is on. ummm the ecu that i got is jdm and it should have a rev limiter at 8200 they said. Now here's where the problem is. i'm driving and all of a sudden the engine check light turns off and the car jolts like it just about to stop and then then engine check light comes back on and the engine picks up power again. it usu happens from 3,000 to 6,000 rpm. Now also i was trying to redline the engine and when i reached 6,900 a rev limiter kicked in and the needle bounced back to 4,000 rpm. Wtf is wrong. people say its the wiring in the ecu. what do you guys think? also i have an intake on it and i don't think the vtec is kicking in? do you think they gave me the wrong ecu or is it ecu wiring or what?
gay throttle response in the middle sounds like a knock sensor to me....

pull the code.
and what ecu are you using?
i dunno how can i tell jdmhondaparts just gave it to me. it was with the full b16a1 swap. they said it should be 8200. but hten why the vtec not kicking in? what code should come up if it is the knock sensor?
well shit i dunno what to do. ummm... Soo,,,, what about the vtec not kicking and like the check light just clicking off and on really quick while at the same time my engine sounds like it skips and it looks like i'm jolting like i'm baout to stall. and when i try to punch it evertime it gets near and closer and closer to vtec the needle seems jump and my car jolts back and forth. this is really annoying. do you think its my engine or what. and i dunno why the fuck my rev limits me at 6800 when jdm told me it should kick in at 8200. if this is true and they gave me the right ecu could it just be a bad wiring job that is making the rev limter lower or what? or do you think the people that put in my engine didn't swap the ecu's out and just used my old Si ecu. what do you think? have you guys ever hear of this happening?
the car would still run on your old ecu. Not all that well but not a bad as it is running. Pull the CEL code using the aforementioned link and someone may be able to help but as of now it sounds like the shop didn't do the install correctly. Where did you take your car?
is there any ways to check if they gave me the wrong ecu? like a code or somethign cause when i think about it even thought the wiring is messed up that shouldn't have an effect on what my redline is on my car.
ok i might have found out what is going wrong wiht it. i called jdm and they said they might have given me an automatic ecu. sooo... that might explain it.
welll.... to add to the ecu problems i dunno what it is.... but now if i'm just gasing it its like my rpm's dont respond. my car just seems to slow down for like 3 to 4 secs then the gas starts to kick in. sooo i dunno what's wrong with it... o ya and the engine check light was VTEc and i think it was the knock sensors