B16a2 Turbo

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Alright..here's a question where I keep getting different views on and I want to see what yall think. I just put my B16A2 into my 93 Hatchback. I want to turbo this motor. Some tell me that it can be turboed at low boost with an intercooler and it'll be ok and some tell me to not to turbo the motor unless I build it up. Right now, im just using the car as a daily driver not a track car, would it be ok to turbo the stock B16a2???
Any motor with more than 25,000 should not be turbocharged without a FULL rebuild. Valve springs begin to weaken well before 25k, and valve float etc. will only be apparent once a turbo is applied. I would save your time and money, and turbocharge it after you have the funds to do it right from the get go. You can always install the turbo with more than 25K, but read any book on turbo applications and they never recommend it.
people buy motors with like 100k and turbo them. I wouldn't say a full rebuild, it all depends on how bad the engine was beat on and what kind of power numbers your looking for.

As a general rule though, yes, if it is higher mileage definitely budget a rebuild
what would be some good valve springs to replace my old ones? and what other internals should i replace just to be on the safe side?