B18 or B20's

  • B20Z - 18,000 miles - 00

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  • B20B - 22,000 miles - 00

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  • B18B1 - 27,000 miles

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I had originally decided on the B18 but I came across the B20. I need to comments, pros and cons, etc. I was thinking about the B18 and going turbo but then I thought of a naturally aspirated B20. Comments???
B20 - 13,000 miles - $1300
B20Z - 18,000 miles - $1200
B20B - 22,000 miles - $1500
B18B1 - 27,000 miles - $975

These are the prices if it influences anything.
JDM B20 (B and Z) = same compression as USDM B20Z (9.6:1).
USDM B20B = 8.8:1 compression.

Why does the B20B with more miles cost more than the B20Z? Is the first B20 JDM or is it USDM?

You can get the B18B and sleeve/post it to 2.0L, then boost... the block cost after resleeving will probably come out to a few hundred more than the most expensive B20 in that list.

B20- great NA torque, wonderful to drop a VTEC head on, some nice pistons/rods, and go spank up on some people.

B18/turbo- more torque, but you have to deal with a turbo (maintenance), more noticeability (cops hear that BOV), more weight (not really that big of a factor) from the turbo setup. The cost is much higher too (but not too much more than B20/VTEC)... turbo builds realistically cost you a lot more than just the price of the kit.

Think about it, post back if you have more questions.