B18a Crx

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I just bought a 91 crx si and i am going to be doing a swap. It will be a b18a from the 92-93 integra which pushes 140hp and 127ftlbs. I read stuff about crx's with b18's pushing around 145-150 hp just a few basic bolt ons runs anywhere from 14.1-14.5 is that true?
My set up is the b18a with the cable clutch sir tranny(b16a tranny) from japan with the ls 5th gear depending on where the b16a sits cruising at around 65 in 5th gear does anyone have an si with the b16 that can tell me what rpm they are at when they are goin 65-70?....I know quite a bit about the swap i pretty much have it down EXCEPT maybe a little help on some wiring...if anyone knows maybe a web link where they tell you the wiring set up please post it that would help...