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I was just wondering how difficult is it to have a b18b (teg LS) and then vtec the motor. Now i dont know to much of this, but i had a friend mention something like that saying that this is also a better choice than getting a gsr motor swap, in a 1995CiViC. What are the problems that you may run into doing this swap and is adding vtec to the b18b possible or even worth it, or should a gsr motor do better, in terms saying that this motor will be boosted later on.

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any thoughts are welcome, correct me if im wrong in anything I said also.


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From what I gather it would be better to leave the b18b like it is to boost.Or you could slap a vtec head on there and have the ls/vtec.There are people here who are running that right now and could get you the details.


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if you have an ls teg, do the ls vtec.
if you have a civic, do the gsr swap.

if you dont have either and are wondering what to do- go Ls/turbo :)


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Originally posted by Holy_racer@Dec 24 2002, 12:45 AM
i would rather go ls turbo or gsr swap.
Lsvtec will bring you sorrow man. They usually leak even though you have it correctly built.

This is complete BS. My engine does not leak period.

That being said the only reason I have an LSVTEC is I drive and Integra LS and the LS bottom end cost me nothing. You would be better off running a B18C.