B18c5 Into A '91 Crx

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So heres the deal... My friend has a 1991 CRX Si Special Edition. Its really slow, but looks fast. It has a Wings West body kit and all that other stuff. Its a 5-spd, I don't even know if they came in automatic though. He just got a very smashed up 1998 Integra Type-R, for parts obviously.

We've been trying to figure out what is needed to put this bad ass engine into the CRX, but we can't get a straight answer from anyone. One person tells us that we need to convert the engine to ODB1, another person says you can wire it in. One person says you can't use the hydro tranny, and another person says you can use it with a special conversion kit. As you can tell, we are getting very confused here. I'm not much of a Honda guy, so I don't know what the interchangability of parts is like between these cars.

All I know right now is that a mount kit is needed. Thats all we know.

Can anyone else help us? We would really appreciate it! You'd be helping us build another domestic V8 killing Honda!
The is no easy way to do it, but it can be done...you will need B series mounts that will support a hydro tranny or you will need a b16a or b17 tranny. Hasport is in the process of making a kit that will make this swap easier, the main thing you will need is a obd1 harness, check locashracing.com for one.