B18C7 Swap EK

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I am planning on swappin a JDM B18C7 type R into my 1997 civic coupe this summer. I was wondering if anyone has done this and can give me some pointers on what parts i am going to need. The engine is coming with all the basics tranny, ecu, drive shafts, shift linkage, distibutor, alternator, and pumps etc. I am most likely going to replace the mounts with hasport. I would like to know what i need to get ahead of time such as parts and tools basically everything i need to put the engine in and have the car running and driving correctly. I also would like to know if there may be any manuals dedicated to this swap any help would be much apreciated
hey whats up im new at the whole swap thing and i have a 1997 civic lx myself and was wondering can you give me some info on what would be the best swap for it
LS VTEC is always a good choice type r is good but on the expensive side, but it all depends on if u want strait line acceleration or good handling in corners h22a is good for drag on the other hand a b16a2 is best for handling due to light weight and high revs im goin with type r to get the best of both
i heard u need a bracket from the SI for the rear mount and also the front left is this true and should i upgrade fuel systems i heard all u need is a feed line from the integra
any help? has anyone ever done this?
okay good choice expensive but good. i suggest CRVtec cuz you pull about same power and cheaper but you could use everything of an si if your gonna buy the complete swap then your set cuz that shit comes withevery thing just same. but use itr tranny smart if you planning on turboing then look for a jdm 1998 gsr lsd there rare but you could find one. othere then that pretty easy. just like a normal motor swap... good look on that shit oh when you do it go look for an srt 4 you could smash on them

oh for the computer just get your hands on a p28 chip it with chrome or hondata and tune the shit out of it thats where your reall power comes out
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that still doesnt answer my question will someone who knows wut there talkin about please help me out