b20b reliable 350 HP build.

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I have a 1999 honda civic, I'm looking to basically make the best 300-350 HP reliable budget build possible. looking to not go over $3K in parts. So far I've been told that a good setup would be a b20b low compression motor with heads from an integra gsr, spendle,and axles from a 98-99 Acura Integra, rear motor mount 2000 honda civic si t bracket. just looking for some other opinion. I was told that with this build the engine would make 200 hp naturally aspirated and then around 300-350 hp safely as long as the car isn't driven fast and hard from a stop due to the drivetrain not being able to handle a ton of torque. Not really a car guy yet, just looking to have some fun:shades:.
A b20 w VTEC head conversion will get around 200, sure.

You can boost it, but the b20 bottom end isn't the strongest. Without doing work, I'd say 250 would be a safe daily top off point for a small turbo kit pushing around 6 psi. If you want more, and want it to not blow up, you're going to surpass that 3k budget.
Thanks, appreciate the input. What would you recommend doing to the engine to still be able to call it a safe daily at maybe 300-350hp? I don't mind going perhaps another $1000 deep in parts. I am doing none of the work myself but i got an awesome quote from a buddy saying he would engine swap, put in the head, turbo kit and do the suspension work for $600 so it might not stick well with him if I ask him to build up the engine some more but he knows I'm looking to have 300-350 hp as a daily. Would you recommend an entire different build or is the b20 w a head conversion the best bang for my buck?
I mean its really how much do you want to spend on it dude... you can take a stockkkkk B18 with a small chinese hair dryer and make 300-350 whp reliably with a tune... its all about goals and how much do you want to spend. Also this has all been covered hundreds of thousands of times. Welcome to Hondaswap ! Post up some pics of the ride
There's a lot of overlap, so here:

First question: Do you have a reliable vehicle (that isn't your 99 civic) to get you to work, grocery store, girlfriend's house, auto parts store, sketchy facebook marketplace purchases? -- If not, you should really consider that as your first priority before starting this build. Sure, it's do-able, but it's a lot lower stress when you can just put the tools away and walk back into the house, take a shower, pour yourself a drink, and go to sleep when you get tired of trying to get that engine back in on a Sunday night.

An engine built for a turbo is not an engine built for N/A. Don't build an engine for turbo over time... It's not worth it, you'll never be happy, and you'll keep breaking things you didn't do right because you wanted to "just get it done." See the first paragraph. Take your time.

You probably don't want to daily a 300-500whp 1999 civic. Traction becomes an issue, unless you drive it like a granny. While I've daily driven mine a few times, I almost always turn the boost down to drive on the street. Again, see the first paragraph.

Building a B-series engine (any of them) aren't going to be worth it. Just go K24, then you can turbo it down the road and you'll be far happier with it. Trust me...

To answer your question... DOT tires that will handle 300-500hp are not going to last if you daily drive the car. You might get 10-12k miles out of them. Maybe. The more important question is: Why are you going to keep 14" wheels/tires if you're building a b20 for boost? That's like buying dollar-store "lemon-lime soda" to mix in your Whistle Pig 10yr. You won't be happy with any tire combo on 14" wheels, because they're simply not made anymore. Most performance tires are made in 17" wheels now, with some 15" still due to racing rule restrictions on wheel size. I'd go 15x6 wheels and some kind of 200TW like @TurboMirage suggested, but I'd add Direzza Z2 or Z3 to that list.
if you aren't on a track or AX or doing burnouts regularly you should expect 12-15k tops out of super 200s lol which is why i suggested the pilot sports.