Beer Is Good For You

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Beer,helping ugly people get laid since 1874.
Beer googles own joo.

That would definetly be a coyote ugly when you sober up in the morning.
Originally posted by 92b16vx@Mar 2 2003, 09:04 PM
Beer,helping ugly people get laid since 1874.

Beer--Helping white guys dance since 1874.
Beer is for truck driving, mullet sporting rednecks. Liquor ownz beer
Beer, the reason that groups of women always have a cock-block with them.

Not enough beer= cockblocked

too much beer= gnawing your own arm off in the morning just to get away without disturbing what you woke up next to
Guinness is the best of all beers, and liquor is for girls, even though you do have good taste in music AFIPunk :lol:
151, Jager, and Everclear own any beer, domes OR import! Saying you got hammered off of budweiser is like saying you won an event in the special olympics. :)
Originally posted by Spyderturbo@Mar 4 2003, 04:08 AM
Guinness is the best of all beers...

Liquor ownz beer...and you need to get out more.Guiness the tip of the proverbial iceberg when it comes to good beer.Come to Germany and I'll show you what beer is all about. :D
Men's bodys have enzymes that convert one chemical to another so your body can process it easier. Beer aids in the conversion of testosterone to estrogen so that we can expell it. Problems arise though if you drink too often. You end up with sustained high estrogen levels which is why many older alcoholics have high pitched voices and larger than normal breasts and hips. Also the one beer a day theory isn't beneficial at all until about age 35 when our body's systems start to function less efficiently and need other chemical processes to suplement them. Even at these ages a doctor won't tell you to drink a beer a day because ibuprofen is safer if your kidneys are functioning normally. Red wine is actually suggested because of the tannins contained within grape skins. This is why French people who as a country have some of the worst dietary habits (i.e. excessive amounts of animal fats, meats, cheese, and other dairy products) have lower rates of congenital heart failure.
up here is what we call a three bager
one bag for her one bag for your self and
one bag for your dog so he respects you in the morning