best bolts on for my b16a1

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hey i just got my b16a1 in and i'm wondering what are the best bolt on and internals to go with first. i have an akimoto intake already and now just waiting for some money thinking of waht to do. i was thinking about dc headers, type R intake manifold, i have the sir 2 one on there right now. umm thinking of some type R cams. or some civic type r pistons. which ones should i buy first? and what else am i missing
it all depends on your plans ie if you are planning on turbo then don't get ctr cams or a header if going N/A then i would get some valve springs/ retainers before i got cams
how much do you have to spend: if you want to go OEM honda:
bore out and itr pistons
pnp itr intake manifold
ctr cams/valve springs/retainers
itr HEADER (not headers, you only have one head)

that's pretty much are you willing to spend?
guys... i only have like 1200 dollars to spend. so i'm not gonna go pnp or boring anything out. i want to go N/A so what do you guys think now?
if you ware goign to buy cams, i would go with the skunk2 but you are also going to have to buy vavles and springs + retainters with that. (THIS is only if you want to go na.) As for intake, get an AEM Cold Air intake and an aem Bypass valve.
1200, you gotta start somewhere- no better place than I/H/E
anything else you do afterwards, will give a much larger gain if your car can breathe better
why does everyone forget the cat... if your gunna spend all kindsa money on increasing airflow through the system get that stock POS restrictive ass cat outta there